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June 18, 2013


Welcome to Desktop Authority

New in this Release

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

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Welcome to Desktop Authority

Desktop Authority enables admins to proactively provision and manage the complete Windows user environment. Using Validation Logic, a patented targeting engine, Desktop Authority can tailor the environment to the user based on over 40 criteria. Admins can map drives, manage printers, configure web browsers, Outlook profiles and much more. Customize settings based on Active Directory information, network information, or whether the user is connecting from a physical, virtual or published desktop. Desktop Authority lets admins eliminate login scripts, simplify and streamline group policies and add powerful new configuration options to traditional client management systems.


New in This Release

Desktop Authority 9.1 is a minor release which introduces a number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes:


Resolved Issues and Enhancements

The following is a list of issues addressed and enhancements implemented in this release of Desktop Authority.


Resolved Issue

Defect ID



Fixed issue with the DAClientInstall.msi file not updating in the Computer Based Management target directory (.\Sysvol\%DomainName%\Policies\Desktop Authority\Device Policy Master) after upgrading from DA 8.12. DE9164
Fixed an issue where a certificate warning message was being displayed at the logon page. DE9206
Fixed issue where the Active Directory OU structure was not present in the browser dialog box when selecting the service accounts during installation. DE10116
Fixed issue where the installation process was checking if the Client Side components were installed. DE10137

Web Console

Fixed issue when browsing for objects - all objects are returned for an OU Admin who does not have access to other OU's.

Fixed issue where copying from one object to another required the existence of a target element. DE8888
Fixed latent issue where a business logic error occurred when clicking on specific child profiles in the profile tree. DE9101
Fixed a domain controller enumeration issue where users were unable to log into the Desktop Authority Console. DE9110
Fixed issue with converting string to time/date which is used on the file name on German Operating Systems. DE9364
Added a new feature to allow users to scroll through elements in the DA Manager console. DE8755
Fixed issue to allow the Wallpaper setting to be copied into the Scripts folder or accessed from an alternate location. DE9397
Fixed issue where environment variables were not resolved properly for Shortcuts elements in the Web Console Manager. DE9417
Fixed issue where the Update Service caused Patch Management in the Web Console Manager to be display as not licensed. DE9421
Fixed issue with importing the Internet Explorer Security Site list in the Web Browser object. DE9425
Fixed issue where foreign characters were incorrectly displayed in Outlook Signatures due to the ISO-8859-2 format not being used. DE9907
Fixed issue where multiple Sites could not be selected in Validation Logic. DE10015
Fixed issue where calculating the amount of elements per object caused a delay when expanding a profile. DE10128
Fixed issue where the Web Console Manager could encounter a business logic error when editing various Registry elements. DE101032
Fixed issue where the DA Manager service account was required to be a member of the Domain Admins group in order to switch to a different SQL Server. DE10136
Fixed issue where a Registry setting could not be confirmed after an upgrade. DE10147
Fixed issue where non-super users were able to create a root profile when they did not have access to. DE10160
Fixed issue where the "Icon index" for Shortcuts elements were missing after an upgrade. DE10163
Fixed issue where a different Shortcut location could not be specified other than what was in the drop down menu. DE10173
Fixed issue where a specific TCP/IP Range in Validation Logic would not save. DE10174
Fixed issue where "http://" was required when configuring the Outlook Cached Exchange Mode setting. DE10175
Fixed issue where a business logic error occurred while editing a policy within the "errorreporting.admx" in the Group Policy Templates object. DE10177
Fixed issue where the Wallpaper location setting on the Display object was inadvertently changed after being edited. DE10194

Wake On LAN (Computer Mgmt)

Fixed issue where no MAC Addresses are available on the drop downs for Wake On LAN in Desktop Authority Express Edition.


Outlook Mail Profile (User Mgmt)

Fixed issue with the Outlook Mail Profile object adding additional mailboxes.


Application Launcher (Computer Mgmt)

Fixed an issue with the Computer Based Management Application Launcher launching executable not in path.


USB/Port Security (User Mgmt)

Fixed issue where exceptions not working properly in USB/Port Security.

Fixed issue where the USB/Port Security system tray icon remained active. DE2354
Fixed issue to remove the USB/Port Security Event Viewer and re-enable LPT ports when uninstalling USB/Port Security. DE4630

Patch Deployment (Computer & User Mgmt)

Fixed issue in User Based Management Patch Deployment object where default text used referred to Computer Based Management timing.

Fixed issue with incorrect text for User and Computer Based Management Patch Deployment in DA Manager. DE8915

File Operations (User Mgmt)

Fixed issue with File Operations object where counter arrows would not functioning properly. DE8922
INI Files (User Mgmt) Added the ability to format a value with spaces before and after an equal sign in an INI File element. DE6752
Server Manager Fixed issue with persistent loading message being displayed (every 5 seconds) on the Server Manager page. DE8935
Fixed issue on the Configure Site Map page with Update Service tab creating a blank server entry upon cancel. DE8953
Fixed issue where the Server Manager resource browser incorrectly displayed AD contacts. DE8963
Clarified message in Server Manager when installing the DA Administrative Service to make it more clear that 2 different accounts are required. DE9120
Fixed issue in Server Manager where multiple instances of DA Administrative Service would not upgrade because of different ETL path settings. DE9156
Fixed issue with an erroneous message being displayed in Server Manager stating that the service cannot create the necessary log files. DE9165
Fixed issue with installing the DA Administrative Service to a child domain. DE9176
Provided a description field for server properties in Server Manager. DE9662
Fixed issue where the "Status Refresh Period" in Server Manager did not allow the setting to be greater than 60 seconds. DE10134
Fixed issue where the User & Computer Replication statuses for member servers were being queried even when they were not selected as targets for replication. DE10135
Update Service Added additional logging to the Update Service to capture computer names of connecting clients. DE9332
Fixed issue with the Update Service causing DA Console to become unlicensed for Patch Management. DE9421
Fixed issue where the Update Service encountered an unexpected crash due to Webroot interfering with the client side communication. DE10143
GPO Deployment Fixed issue where creating a new GPO Client Side Extension could not be set to unlink by default. DE8928
Fixed issue on the Client Deployment tab where an incorrect status was being displayed for deployed GPOs. DE8988
Fixed issue where a business logic error occurred while removing the DA GPO. DE9021
Client Side Agents Fixed issue with translating the "$FullyQualifiedDomainName" variable in SLEngine. DE8937
Fixed issue where the Computer Based Management Service may encounter an exception resulting in the cessation of event processing. DE9301
Fixed issue with initializing Microsoft Outlook even though there were no Outlook elements configured. DE9405
Fixed issue where the event manager thread within the Computer Based Management Agent would occasionally deadlock. DE9928
Web Browser (User Mgmt) Fixed issue with Web Browser object setting Firefox download path. DE9316
DA Setup Tool Fixed issue with the Setup Tool when changing a service port if SQL Authentication was selected. DE9167
Added ability in the Setup Tool to allow port numbers to be changed. DE9168
Replication Fixed issue with Replication having errors when FQDN and NETBIOS domain names are different. DE9087
Fixed an issue where the replication button was disabled in some circumstances. DE8659
Fixed issue where the replication process was taking an unusual amount of time to complete. DE10129
Reports Fixed issue where a trail license information was being display on reports when a updated DA Manager Service was applied. DE10016
Fixed issue where 64-bit machines were not being shown as protected in the "USB/Port Security - Protected/Unprotected Computers" report. DE10158
Reporting Console Fixed issue where the Reporting Console required local admin privileges in order to be executed. DE10162

Expert Assist (Remote Mgmt)

(For Microsoft Vista and above) If the browser is started with privileges other than admin privileges, any attempt to switch the user via smart card authentication will result in an “Access to CA store is denied” error message. DE1502
Java Runtime Environment compatibility issues fixed. DE6373
Expert Assist is not FIPS compliant on 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems. DE2284
The Login page may sometimes fail to load after the ExpertAssist host computer reboot. DE4
Brightness regulation problems on ExpertAssist hosting laptops are fixed. DE46 & DE66
Added support for new Event Viewer WinAPI on post-vista systems. DE95
If Caps Lock is ‘ON’ on remote computer, caption controlled using Shift key is ignored. DE99
Change wallpaper function is deactivated after Remote Control management. DE101
Help Desk Chat: implement copy to clipboard for a chat log on a client side. DE42
Services: Add "Automatic (Delayed Start)" startup option on Vista and above. DE123
Wrong Operating system's install date problem is fixed. DE49


Known Issues

The following is a list of issues known to exist at the time of Desktop Authority release.


Known Issue

Defect ID

SQL Case sensitive SQL instances are not supported. DE2950

Registry Object (User & Computer Mgmt)

The ability to undo the history on a Registry element is not functioning properly. DE9063
USB/Port Security (User Mgmt)


Issue where MP3 Players are not accessible if the USB storage settings are set to read only. DE9695
Issue where the end-user can read, write and synchronize data using iTunes on all Apple devices when the USB/Port Security Storage is set to Deny. DE9786 & DE9793
Issue where the end-user can access, read, write and manipulate data on Motorola tablet with Android OS when the USB/Port Security Storage is set to Deny. DE9798 & DE9803
Issue where a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime error may be encounter while uninstalling the USB/Port Security component from a workstation. DE10254
Web Console


The Patch Distribution Server list is not displaying all of the servers that have the Update Service installed on them. DE10233
Importing large (over 100mb) .reg file from the Registry object is not working.  DE10235
In File Permissions element, when using the Regisrty> HK_Users\.Default hive, the console appends ".default" to the key when saving. DE10248
Server Manager Setting a DC or server as a target for replication requires the DA Admin service to be installed and no indication is presented to the user as such. DE9816
A business logic error occurs when Test Signatures is invoked in Server Manager. DE9867
Reporting Console
Cannot execute the Reporting Console on Windows XP workstations. DE10240
Client Side Agents New IP Printers are always being set as default. DE10074
Using a dynamic variable in the principal for File Permissions element does not properly translate on the client side. DE10247
ExpertAssist (Remote Mgmt) (For Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2) If logging without providing domain name on login page, the user will be logged into the remote management session as domain user only in case the local user with the same user name and password isn’t found on the remote computer.
The defect is caused by the Windows behavior described in the 1st paragraph of  the Microsoft’s KB article:
DE1581 & DE409
Connection to a target machine containing underscores “_” in the name renders an error message. DE98 & DE2080
(For Windows Internet Explorer 8 with Java versions through and 1.6.0 through 1.6.1) When starting an ExpertAssist File Transfer, the ExpertAssist browser window stops responding. DE408 & DE3114
(For Windows 2000) The "Ask for permission from interactive user" window appears even if there is no interactive user logged on target computer. DE407 & DE4320
(For ExpertAssist client computers running Microsoft Windows XP 86- or 64-bit edition) The remote printing function doesn't work during the remote control session (Preferences-> Remote Control, enable the Remote Printing function). DE406 & DE4967
(For Microsoft’s Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 with User Account Control turned on) The “Cannot write <PATH>. Access is denied.” message shown in File Transfer when copying files from remote computer to the root of the local hard drive, if the browser has been initially started without elevated privileges. DE100 & DE4983
(Applicable only for Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 with the “change wallpaper” function enabled) The slide show mode in wallpaper is deactivated after Remote Control management. DE101 & DE4984


Getting Started

Contents of the Release Package

The Desktop Authority release package contains the following products:

  1. Desktop_Authority_9.1.0.564_Setup.exe
  2. Product Documentation Links, included in email:

Installation Instructions


Refer to "Desktop Authority 9.1 Install/Upgrade Guide. PDF" for installation instructions.


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